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Hi-TiDE™ stands for sleek web design that looks good and works perfectly.

That’s why our team of designers and developers work very closely together from the very beginning to design and develop custom websites that are exactly to your liking. Our focus is on creating aesthetic UX and UI designs that ensure your website and its gimmicks are visually fun, user-friendly, and responsive….


UX Design

UI Design

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Maintenance & Support

Hosting & URL


Planning & Layout

User Experience is Key.

Prioritizing user experience is paramount. At the heart of every website project, we uphold this principle fervently. Preceding the actual implementation phase lies a crucial initial step—comprehending our clients’ brand essence. However, our focus extends beyond this; we embark on an immersive exploration of the diverse target audience(s) for which we tailor the website. This step is pivotal in guaranteeing not only the conceptual viability but also the seamless navigability of our design. Our commitment extends to meticulously tending to every facet, ensuring a visually striking website that seamlessly intertwines aesthetics with functionality.


Technical implementation

We Eat Pixels and Bytes for Breakfast!

We know that strategic design comes before programming. Because what makes perfect sense in the click-dummy must also be waterproof on the final website. Our to-do list includes clean codes, search engine optimization, and the best possible loading times so that your site can be found on popular search engines and your blockbuster animations do not crash the Internet.

Even after going live, we don’t leave you alone. Our CMS training provides the necessary know-how, but we will accompany you further if you wish. Together with you, we’ll put together a technical support package: We’ll take care of updates and bug fixing while you take your brand to the next level. Because we know: It’s never a bug; it’s always just an undocumented feature.

Turn your idea into pixels & codes!