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Keep It Real!


In addition to design aspects such as the logo, strong brands need a branding that takes into account colors, shapes, design elements, typography and much more. That’s why we bring all these elements together to create a holistic, professional brand identity that not only looks good but is also strategically convincing.

We develop authentic brand and corporate designs that set the tone for your brand and show the world what your brand stands for.

Your Logo Is Not Your Branding


When it comes to your branding, your logo is just the tip of the iceberg. That’s because your brand is the experience that your customers associate with your product or service. Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity and is essential for the success and storytelling of your brand. Your story should convince and touch customers. Colors, tones, fonts – all these elements determine the story you tell, and your logo sets the course for that story.

That is why logo design is so important to us and is an integral part of the branding. Our logos are handmade and often based on hand-lettering and illustrative design techniques.

It is important to us that the word/picture mark corresponds to the digital age, is flexible and energetic and fits into the context of the brand. At the end of the design chain, your logo determines and influences the entire communication and external perception.

Brand Design Essentials


Letterheads, business cards, stickers, paper bags, posters, key visuals, invoice templates, greeting cards, car stickers – comprehensive business stationery can contain many different items.

Therefore everything should speak a uniform design language so that your branding is memorized and recognized by the viewer.

Together with our clients, we determine all necessary media for a complete brand appearance. At the end of the design process, everything matches up and results in a holistic brand to the outside world. Of course, we take care of production and coordination with the print shop and other service providers.

You need a Branding?

Get Famous On The Streets!


Besides the Brand Essentials, we also bring brands to streets, screens and walls. Accordingly, we have already set up and elaborated large campaigns both visually and in terms of content. We do shootings, set up visual worlds and merge everything. Your Brand is everything and everything is your brand! Many of the campaigns we have developed literally bear our fingerprint, as they make use of memorable hand-letterings and illustrations.

Promote Your Brand Online!


Your website is an extension of your brand. And we do not mean brand in the sense of logo but the sense of your overall brand identity. Your website is the hub of all your external communication. It is the central source of your content marketing and the place where your customers and fans can interact directly with your brand. Your website must not only look like your brand identity but also feel like it.

The right user guidance and a UX design that is on point are essential. At Hi-TiDE™ we are always there for you even after the creation of your branding and are happy to support you until your online presence is finished. In our studio, we create the first wireframes of your website and a customized design for your brand. Afterwards, we hand over the baby to our strong partners in web development and implement the page technically for you – mobile-first of course.

With NEONGOLD it worked out quite well, didn’t it?

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